The Palestinian e-Government academy is an output (sustainability action) for the e-Government Lifelong Learning Consortium (Pal-Gov). The Project aims to empower the Palestinian society with the know-how for implementing e-services, in particular e-government services. The project aims at capacity building (i.e., lifelong learning) in three main areas (interoperability, security, and legal informatics), which are the main challenges when implementing e-service in general and e-Government in particular.

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Project Info

Project Number: 511159-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-PS-TEMPUS-JPHES
Project Short Name: Pal-Gov
Project Full Name: e-Government Lifelong Learning Consortium
Project Duration: 24 months (15/10/2010-14/10/2012)

Project Consortium

  1. Birzeit University, Palestine (Coordinator).
  2. Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine.
  3. Palestine Technical University, Palestine.
  4. University of Trento, Italy.
  5. Vrije University Brussels, Belgium.
  6. University of Namur, Belgium.
  7. True Trust, UK.
  8. University of Savoie, France.
  9. Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology, Palestine.
  10. Ministry of Interior, Palestine.
  11. Ministry of Local Government, Palestine

Project Deliverables

  • WP1 : Interoperability Materials (M15)

D1.1 Needs assessment for Interoperability
D1.2 Data and system interoperability tutorial
D1.3 Ontology engineering tutorial
D1.4 Data and entity servers tutorial
D1.5 Localization and Arabization tutorial
D1.6 Knowledge and Data engineering Course
D1.7 Application and Process integration Course

  • WP2 : Security Materials (M15)

D2.1 Needs assessment for Security
D2.2 Security tutorial
D2.3 Security and Cryptography Course

  • WP3 : Legal-Informatics Materials (M15)

D3.1 Needs assessment for Legal-Informatics
D3.2 Legal-Informatics tutorial
D3.3 Legal-Informatics course

  • WP4 : Tutorials Delivery (M21)

D4.1 Tutorials Delivery Report

  • WP5 : Dissemination (M24)

D5.1 Project Web Portal
D5.2 Leaflets
D5.3 Report on the visiting lectures
D5.4 Report on the national workshops
D5.5 Establishing E- Government Academy (Optional)
D5.6 Professional Diploma (Optional)

  • WP6 : Sustainability (M22)

D6.1 Web portal with Web 2.0 functionalities
D6.2 Commitment report from universities
D6.3 Report on the policy consensus workshop

  • WP7 : Quality Control Monitoring (M23)

D7.1 Report on Quality of Tutorial Development
D7.2 Report on Quality of Tutorial Delivery & Impact
D7.3 Report on Quality of Course Development
D7.4 Report on Quality of Course Delivery & Impact
D7.5 Report on Quality of Dissemination

  • WP8 : Project Management (M24)

D8.1 Periodic Progress and Management Report
D8.2 Periodic Financial report