The mission of Palestinian e-Government Academy is to incorporate the Palestinian expertise to serve the national interest of Palestine. It is doing so through providing the support and consultancy for the private and public sectors as well as individuals in subjects related to the automated services and e-governance.

The academy doesn’t provide these consultancies for profit, but with the aim to promote the Palestinian e-government experiecne to be recognized worldwide. It maintains a dedicated e-government team of professionals and expertise inside Palestine and with access to leading specialists and partners from the international community when required to transfer knowledge in missing or less experienced areas in the local community.


Current Consultancies

The Palestinian Interoperability Framework - Zinnar

The Palestinian Interoperability Framework “Zinnar”
The Palestinian e-Government Academy provided consultancy services to the Palestinian ministries to build the Palestinian interoperability framework “Zinnar”. Zinnar ( serves as an organizational/semantic mediator between heterogeneous governmental information systems and is also seen as a framework/infrastructure upon which seamless e-government services are implemented. It is used to exchange data via e-Government services, as different governmental agencies need to agree on and understand different elements in the exchanged data message. Zinnar was developed by six ministries and governmental institutions: Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology (MTIT), Ministry of Interior (MOI), Ministry of Finance (MOF), Ministry of National Economy (MNE), Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA), and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS).