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Sina Institute for Knowledge Engineering and Arabic Technology invites you to attend

The Palestinian e-Government Academy Training Kick-off Event

As part of the Palestinian e-Government Academy project funded by Tempus, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology and the General Personnel Council, Sina Institute in Birzeit University has the pleasure of inviting you to the Kick-off event of the professional training sessions. These training sessions are directed towards building e-Government services, especially the Palestinian e-Government. The program is made of 6 courses (about 300 highly advanced and specialized training hours). The tutorials were developed throughout last year by Palestinian specialists in collaboration with highly reputed European scientists, and were tailored to fit the needs of the Palestinian society. These training courses aim to enrich the public and private sectors in Palestine with the needed skill and knowledge to build the Palestinian e-Government with skilled Palestinian hands.

Date and Time: January 31st, 2012 at 9:00 am

Place: Training Room in Najjad Zeenni IT Center of Excellence, Birzeit University

Note: The tutorials will be recorded and published for the public benefit

Training Program

Tutorial 1: Data and Business Process Modeling

Module I: Conceptual Data Modeling
-  Information Modeling
-  Object Role Modeling (ORM)
-  Advanced Integrity & Business Rules
-  Rules Contradictions and Implications
-  Optimization, transformation, (re)engineering of conceptual models.

Module II: Business Process Modeling
-  Business process identification.
-  Business process modeling and mapping.
-  Business process optimization, re-engineering, management .

Tutorial 2: Data Integration & Open Information Systems

-  XML and Namespaces
-   DTDs and  XML Schema
-   RDF and  RDFS
-   Ontology Web Language (OWL)
-   SPARQL, RDF Query Language
-   RDF Stores, Oracle Semantic Technology
-   Data Integration and Fusion
-   Data Schema Integration
-   GAV and LAV Integration
-   Data Integration and Fusion using RDF
-   Identity Management and Linked Data
-   Semantic Web and RDFa

Tutorial 3: Process Integration & Service Oriented Architectures

-  Service Oriented Architecture
-  Xpath, theory and practice
-  Xquery, theory and practice
-  Web Services, theory and practice
-  REST Protocol and Principles
-  SOAP Protocol and Principles
-  WSDL – Web Service Description Language
-  ESB – Enterprise Service Bus
-  Service Integration Patterns
-  BPEL – Business Process Execution Language
-  UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery &Integration of Web Services

Tutorial 4: Ontology Engineering and Lexical Semantics

-  The Need for Sharing Semantics
-  What is an ontology
-  Ontology Engineering Challenges
-  Ontology Double Articulation
-  Ontology Modeling Challenges
-  Stepwise Methodologies
-  Zinnar – The Palestinian eGovernment Interoperability Framework
-  Lexical Semantics and Multilingually
-  WordNets  and Lexical databases
-  Arabic Ontologies

Tutorial 5: Information Security

-  E-government security & ISO27000 standards.
-  Internet Risks and Attacks
-  Authentication
-  Certificates and Biometric Authentication
-  Firewalls and VPN
-  Federated Identity Management (FIM).
-  Access Control
-  Auditing

Tutorial 6: Legal Informatics and IT laws

-  Introduction to Law
-  Ethical and Social Issues
-  Introduction to ICT and E-government
-  Intellectual Property
-  Privacy and Data Protection
-  Digital Signature & e-Evidence
-  IT Contract
-  E-Commerce (e-Transactions)
-  Cybercrime
-  E-archiving