Training Objective

One of the most important goals for the academy is to provide training and knowledge materials to the Palestinian society, through providing public and private sectors and individuals with a greater understanding of how to implement and deploy an e-government framework, focusing on the interoperability, security, and legal needs. It aims through training to fulfill the needs of the national plans of Palestine and to implement IT based solutions in e-government and integrated services. Participants will gain sufficient knowledge of the underlying technologies and most up to date information on e-Government in addition to the international and national experience in this area.

Program Structure

The training will include six tutorials in the fields of interoperability, security and legal informatics, which aim to increase the capacity of Palestinian society with state-of-the-art knowledge for building and deploying e-government services.

Process and Data Modeling

1 tutorial, target trainees are IT people
Tutorial 1

Data Integration and Open Information System

1 tutorial, target trainees are IT peopleTutorial 2

Process Integration and Service Oriented Architectures
11 tutorial, target trainees are IT people
Tutorial 3

Ontology Engineering and Lexical Semantics

1 tutorial, target trainees are IT peopleTutorial 4

Information Security Tutorial

Information Security Area (1 tutorial, target trainees are IT people). Tutorial 5

Legal Informatics Tutorial

1 tutorial target trainees are law and IT peopleTutorial 6

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